Raag Desh – Zankaar OneRaaga

Join us in exploring the fascinating and dazzling evening raag – Raag Desh at our Zankaar OneRaaga event – Saturday, July 31.

Some of the artists performing at the event:

Ashwini Khaparde

Ashwini began her initiation of music at the age of five. She was initially trained by her father, Shri. Shashikant Thombre. Subsequently, she learnt from the eminent Smt. Usha Parkhi of the Kirana gharana for eight years.

She has continued to learn from Smt. Ashwini Bhide-Deshpande of the Jaipur-Atruali gharana. Ashwini combines the two gharanas easily and melodiously and presents compositions bringing out the best of both the gharanas. She holds Sangeet Alankar degree from Gandharva Mahavidyalaya.  Ashwini’s large repertoire includes semi-classical forms and Natya Sangeet. Ashwini lives and teaches in Santa Clara, CA.

Raaginder Singh

Raginder Singh Momi is a young artist who resides in San Francisco Bay Area. Being born into a musical family, Raginder has always been exposed to the brilliance of Indian Classical Music. He is a disciple of the renowned violinist, Dr. Sisirkana Dhar Choudhury.

He started learning from her at the age of eleven, and is still under her guidance.

Raginder also has been performing in many local events for the past six years and has recently performed at the Learnquest Indian Classical music conference in Boston.

Vasudha Ravi

Vasudha is a popular young vocalist in the field of Carnatic Music. She commenced her musical training with Dr.Manjula Sriram for over 15 years.

She also had the opportunity to benefit from the guidance of Sangeetha Vidwan Late Shri A.Sundaresan for a brief while.

Vasudha holds master degrees in MBA-HR and MA-Music. Check out Vasudha Ravi’s blog for more information.

Praveen Chaddha

Praveen embarked on his musical journey long back as a five year old child.  He grew up in an environment filled with musical vibes right from his childhood. Praveen’s early formal training started with Sri Nityanand Ghosh.  Nityanand ji trained Praveen in western classical music.  After several years of training in western classical music, Praveen’s interests expanded and he also started studying Indian classical, semi-classical, and folk music under Sri Bhola Nath Prasanna, the great flautist.

Praveen Chaddha is serving as Director for the music company Shanamo Entertainment, which is dedicated towards serving the community in the field of musical talent development, production, and promotion, all under one umbrella.

Check out Praveen’s profile and his music at his website.

Tina Mann

Tina  is a classically trained Hindustani vocalist. Though she received much guidance   from her father, Ustad Surinder  Mann, Tina was also granted the tutelage of Smt. Sushmita Chakravorty and Vishwanath Shri Kande. Born and raised in the California Bay Area, she is very active in the Indian classical music circles and has performed at notable venues alongside acclaimed musicians.

Tina’s repertoire is notably diverse and includes Raagas, Ghazals, Tumri, Punjabi folk, and Bollywood hits.

Tina received a B.S. degree in Human Development and Education from the University of California Davis, 2007.

Nikita Parikh

Nikita is a bay area artist. She has been deeply involved with the music scene in the Silicon Valley performing, teaching and attending concerts.  As a program manager for the India Community Center (ICC), she organized various classes in music, dance, language, sports and also taught Gujarati language to children and adults.  She specializes in semi classical film songs, ghazals and garba.

She has arranged musical shows for kids and adults at local organizations.

Currently she teaches Indian music to children and continues her advanced training in Hindustani classical music.

Gaurangi Chinmulgund

Gaurangi is a resident of Bay area and has been learning hindustani classical music from Smt. Ashwini Khaparde for couple of years here in the bay area. A tax specialist by profession, her passion is music and singing.

She was an integral part of the local bay area music group “Soortaal” and has performed in numerous hindi and marathi concerts.

Gaurangi will also emcee the event – Zankaar OneRaag with Raag Desh.

Prema Sastry

Prema learned the basics of  South-Indian Classical as a child. She continued this journey of loving and learning  music by  listening to music by various artists,  and through self learning of hindi film songs and light music.

She believes that  music opens the door to the soul, and is the most fulfilling form of relaxation for her.

She lives in the Bay Area, has an MBA, and, is a dedicated Yoga Teacher conducting classes, yoga and other camps, retreats for over 20 years.

Ashwini Guruprasad

Ashwini sings Carnatic classical, semi-classical, light music, and film songs in Kannada, Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu.
Ashwini continues to learn classical music under the guidance of Smt. Shakuntala Murthy, a well-known artist here in the Bay area.

She recently won the Runner Up title in Golden Voice Singing Contest in the Bay area.

Tanisha Joshi
Tanisha is 11 years old.

Some of her hobbies include singing, dancing, reading, chess and playing the guitar and clarinet.

She is studying Hindustani Classical Music from Madhuvanti Bhide. She learns Guitar with Western Music from  Jim Robinson.