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Sangeet Dhwani recently celebrated its Tenth Anniversary during which it has gained wide publicity, visibility and popularity. Sangeet Dhwani (translates to ” Sound of Music”) provides a platform for networking and collaborative efforts amongst artists and like minded music agencies.

Sangeet Dhwani is largely focused on nurturing & preserving our rich Music Heritage of Indian Classical Music of Vedic times. As of Year 2012, Sangeet Dhwani organized over 100 quality concerts presenting the extra ordinary Vocalists and Musicians in USA and those visiting from India.

Sangeet Dhwani’s repertoire includes:

I – Zankaar One Raga, the unique feature of which is celebration of one particular Raga from Indian Classical music expressed through renditions performed by a diverse group of talented artists – either vocal or instrumental with styles ranging from classical, semi-classical, film music to contemporary music

Under this series, as many as 45 popular Hindustani Ragas and their equivalent Carnatic Ragas were adopted and professional singers performed at these events till now.

II – Sangeet Bahar is a new chapter, which promotes quality music as may be found in the Oldies (Bollywood Movie Songs of Sixties, Seventies, Eighties) which were based on choicest Hindustani Classical Ragas. This will attract all music lovers of such lyrics sung by legendary Singers like Lata Mangeshkar, Asha Bhosale, Yesudas, Mukesh, Kishore Kumar, Manna Dey, Hemant Kumar, Jagjit Singh, and so on

III – Sangeet Ankur (Sprout of Music) is another recent chapter started with its inaugural event held on June 9, 2012, which focuses on inspiring the youth and kids to Hindustani and Carnatic Classical Music with the support of their Music Gurus, parents of Children as well as music aficionados.  Sangeet Ankur will certainly create opportunities for young musicians with a few years of learning experience to shape themselves into full-fledged Vocalists and Musicians.

Sangeet Dhwani has been able to bring together people of diverse backgrounds for creating an enriching environment for musicians and music lovers alike

Presentation – Sangeet Dhwani Progress Thru Years

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